Marine training

Do you need marine training for your company? Nothing easy!
4DMarineLearning offers specialized marine training specifically tailored to your needs.
All materials are prepared based on user-friendly technologies to ensure the end results are the best and bear fruit in the future.

Our Offer

1. Meeting

On the basis of the operational meeting, we prepare a specific business model for the operation of the program and present a plan for its implementation on a specific vessel along with training the crew in operating the program.

2. Project

At the appointed time, we go to the unit, where we make the photo documentation needed to prepare a personalized training program, and during the stay we build the skeleton of the program, which will be completed after returning to the office.

3. Training

Installing a ready-made program on the vessel and familiarizing the crew with the use of the program.
If there is a need to train more people, it is possible to organize stationary training.

4. Support

In the event of any changes in the appearance of the unit or other factors affecting the incompatibility of the program with the real state, we undertake to update the program at the designated time.

About us

As a company, we can boast of the availability and diligence of projects. We adjust project deadlines to the contractor's expectations.
We take care of every detail of the execution of orders, always focusing on the satisfaction of our Principal.
At 4D Marine Learning, we want to improve the company's key employees, increase the experience of the crew and increase their safety, and thus the company's profits, using the latest technologies that the 21st century offers us.

Tools and methods

We provide our services using the latest technologies to create spherical photos and the most modern Unity graphics engine that allows you to build a training application. The methods we follow in our projects are clarity, effectiveness and economy.


Do you want to find out how the 4D Marine Learning training application is operated? Try the free demo version,
downloadable from our website!

Today you can get to know our offer fully and start implementing the marine training project in your company!